Slot Win (Shopify App)

Slot Win is a unique Shopify application, with the potential to make $5,000/month or more! In the app, customers will see a gameboard that looks like the game "Plinko" and they can enter their email to drop one ball down the board to win prizes like discounts or free shipping. The result? 3X more emails and sales for you! The genius psychology behind the application is that nobody wants to miss out on a good deal...or a fun game! This is just the beginning of this app because it has not yet been submitted to the app store, so you can still put your unique spin on it and add new features before releasing it!  You can reach millions of Shopify merchants each month, showing them the no-brainer of using this app and you can receive passive income each month! Contact me if interested, my last Shopify app went quickly! I will include the source code data file where everything is stored which you can then tweak/polish/add to and submit to Shopify to start earning money.